From Corporate/Organizational Sponsors

From Program Participants

“The Work. Life. Leader. Program is different. It is rich with content, making it valuable for anyone who applies themselves. The program however is not crammed into a 2 or 4 day ‘one-time’ event. Instead, the content is divvied up into smaller and very specific sessions allowing the participant to learn, reflect, and apply different leadership approaches over the course of time. This allows one to budget their own time that is best suited for them to read, research, practice, and even discuss different ways to approach leadership and life’s challenges.

Most adults learn by doing rather than just by reading. I’m no exception. If sustained change is desired, a longer-term program broken into smaller sessions is more effective. A simple analogy is a ‘new year’s resolution’. One who claims a goal without a plan usually maintains momentum for a short while. Those who commit to goal, charter a path, then budget their time tend to succeed. The WLL program applies the latter approach. Well worth the time investment

I’ve participated in a variety of leadership programs of which two or three were held off-site for several days. While those programs were well developed with rich content, the information retention is short lived. Role-playing during a short program does not foster an opportunity to affect life lasting changes of leadership behavior. I found myself departing those programs with high level of enthusiasm, vim and vigor, and gung ho attitude to embrace life’s challenges. Upon returning to my work and home environments it wasn’t long that status quo ensued. How quickly one settles into routine work habits including leadership characteristics is rather amazing. The pressures and commitments for work and life tend to push us toward our comfort zones.”

“WLL is a course of study that has enabled me to use specific tools, with step-by-step directives for becoming the leader that I want to be. Having the guidance, wisdom and support of my coach has added to the process in ways that I wouldn’t have imagined. My own self-awareness has increased and I find myself being present, conscious and deliberate in my words and actions. This growth is impacting my work-life, as well as my home-life, and I am grateful for the integration I’m experiencing.”

“Great experience and has changed my life for the better. Having it expand to one year is great. The match with my coach was on point. Love Julie and her great ideas. Guest speakers are awesome. Would love for others in family to take part. The DiSC Assessment had me amazed. I use the tools every day.”

“After all my [coaching] sessions, my perspective on issues and subjects are much more focused and clearer. I really appreciate the feedback and sharing of view points. These actions always allow me to reflect back and sometimes rethink and re evaluate a situation or a behavior in a different light.”

“I’m no longer overwhelmed by the thought of organizing the volume of work I have. I have tools and specific steps for getting started and creating new habits that will serve me in staying organized.”

“I feel more confident about networking and building relationships with my immediate supervisor and organization leaders now that I have a plan. I have never verbalized this gap before, but always felt it. Working through this with my coach was empowering.”

“I like thinking about difficult conversations and how they help improve my communication skills. I appreciate acknowledging nervousness, the need to collaborate at the end and that I need to make sure I let go of my agenda and listen.”

“The benefits of mindfulness were enlightening. Too often we get caught up in our daily task without giving regard to what is going on around us, especially true of me when I am focused solely on tasks. Stopping and getting to know people is a huge benefit as a leader.”

“The ‘yes, and’ exercise awoke me to my tendency to interject when others are talking and pause. I sometimes perceive that pause as an awkward silence then interject what I’m thinking. This interruption steers the path possibly in a direction the speaker did not intend. I must be more patient and not try to expedite the pace of the conversation.”

“I already realized that I tried to multi task a little too much. I caught myself working on a project and not listening to the person who just walked up to my desk and asked a question. I have been working on stopping myself in my own tracks and focus on one thing at a time. It was good to know I was not the only person with this problem, and that we finally received a skill to control this behavior. Must teach others.”

“The concept of feedforward was very beneficial for me as a manager & beneficial for me to pass along to my entire group to improve upon communication and feedback.”

“The group coaching, which I think in invaluable, shows that most of us in the group are going through the same issues…..and these sessions push us to really think about using the tools we have learned to solve the issues we are facing.”