Work. Life. Leader. participants get:

  • Introductory exercises and assessments to help evaluate what is important personally and professionally.
  • An initial 60-minute executive coaching session to prepare for the program and begin shaping personalized program goals.
  • Twelve 60-minute executive coaching sessions—one per month—to address real-time personal, professional and leadership goals and challenges.
  • An additional three hours of just-in-time executive coaching to be used throughout the year in 20-minute increments.
  • Four quarterly, half-day, on-site meetings at your company location for the cohort of leaders, to include expert training on key topics, group coaching, and feedback about real-time issues and challenges.
  • Eight 90-minute virtual meetings for the cohort of leaders, to include training and group coaching.
  • A participant-only technology platform providing resources and a means of communication with participants’ coach and cohort members.
  • Ongoing email support before and after all individual and group sessions.

Work. Life. Leader. participants gain:

Throughout the year, participants will

  • Identify strengths and learn to use them for greater effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • Develop greater self-awareness as a foundation for action leading to sustainable change.
  • Make deliberate choices with greater ease in Work. Life. Leader. realms.

In relation to:

Work. Leaders will learn and implement new ways to increase professionalism, effectiveness and competence.

Life. Leaders will clarify what matters most so they can make choices more aligned with core values and priorities.

Leader. Leaders will build critical adaptation skills for constantly changing situations and relationships to achieve desired professional results.

Participants will gain:

  • Competence: knowledge and skills in critical personal and professional areas.
  • Confidence: through competency building and enhanced executive presence.
  • Connection: to a diverse group of high-caliber professionals with common goals.
  • Collaboration: with these peers in a supportive environment to create networks that go beyond current circles of influence.
  • Creativity: the chance to pause from daily busy-ness to plan strategically around important work and life issues, using new ways of thinking and problem solving.
  • Choice: a greater ability to align decisions with values and priorities, making choices easier and lessening analysis paralysis.

Your organization gains:

  • Increased engagement of your top talent by investing in a unique, holistic and comprehensive professional and leadership development program.
  • Enchanced competencies, and expanded leadership capabilities and impact through training, skillbuilding, executive coaching and interaction with a cohort of other leaders.
  • Stronger employee retention and commitment due to extensive learning, development and investment based on individual goals, priorities and needs.
  • More satisfied, effective and loyal employees and leaders.

Program Options

These Work. Life. Leader. program options provide a high-potential talent development solution for organizations.

Bring In-house

Leadership Development in Your Offices

Your Company

Ready to bring Work. Life. Leader. to your talent?. Our program is available to organizations that want to provide this holistic, comprehensive leadership development program in-house to a cohort of high-potential talent.

Send A Leader

Global Cohort for Leaders throughout the US

Global Cohort

Ready to send your talent to Work. Life. Leader.? Our next global cohort launches in April 2018. Quarterly in-person meetings in Philadelphia with convenient access to Amtrak and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Application deadline: January 12, 2018