Participants can expect to invest four to eight hours a month to get the full benefits of Work. Life. Leader.

Each participant receives:

  • Introductory exercises and assessments to help evaluate what is important personally and professionally.
  • An initial 60-minute executive coaching session to prepare for the program and begin shaping personalized program goals.
  • Twelve 60-minute individual executive coaching sessions (monthly).
  • An additional three hours of just-in-time executive coaching to be used as needed throughout the year in 20-minute increments.
  • Quarterly on-site group training and coaching sessions at your company location/city.
  • Eight 90-minute virtual group training and coaching sessions (remaining months).
  • Participant-only site for resources and communication with participant’s coach and group.
  • Ongoing e-mail support before and after all individual and group sessions.

Total hours: 52 hours of structured professional development (16 hours of executive coaching/36 hours training and group coaching)


  • One-year/16 hours Executive Coaching Engagement: $12,000 – $18,000+
  • Four and a half days (36 hours) Training/Group Coaching: $4,000 – $8,000
  • Strategic thinking time; enhanced creativity and engagement; unlimited support and feedback from Work. Life. Leader. cohort, Executive Coach and Program Facilitator; expanded professional network; increased confidence and skills; and more: Priceless

Total investment: $13,000 per participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Work. Life. Leader. is designed for high-achieving and high-potential professionals with approximately 10 to 15 years of work experience. People who are likely moving into leadership roles or have been in those roles and whose responsibilities are expanding. Participants want to continue on this path, to excel professionally and create a successful and meaningful life on their terms. They want more support, collaboration, guidance, expertise and community while doing so. And, they want tools and strategies they can customize and tailor for life-long success.

Holistic nature – Leadership does not happen in a vacuum. Work. Life. Leader. teaches and supports participants to integrate a variety of leadership competencies in their work. It also addresses: individual issues about career path and progress; personal success and satisfaction; and development of customized professional, personal and leadership plans.

Action oriented – Every component of Work. Life. Leader. is tied to an action-based outcome. Greater self-awareness and increased knowledge are a part of the Work. Life. Leader. process, yet we believe that this is not enough. The power of this program is the structure that ties increased self-awareness and knowledge to specific actions and behavior change that can be immediately implemented. Nothing in this program is esoteric, rhetorical or ephemeral. It’s all specific, concrete and applicable.

Integrated support throughout – From the first executive coaching session, participants will begin shaping their Work. Life. Leader. goals. During the year they will interact frequently with their Executive Coach, the Program and Group Coaching Facilitator, Subject Matter Experts and the cohort of peers to achieve goals.

Highly interactive training – We are delivering more content in less time by applying a coaching framework to everything we teach. All learning is accompanied with prep work and fieldwork to expand impact and link concepts with behavior change and action. Participants will not be lectured to; they will be engaging with Subject Matter Experts, their peers and their coach to do something relevant and meaningful. Participants should not expect to sit back and be quiet during any of the group training and coaching sessions. Each participant’s voice matters.

New and life-long network – The four in-person cohort meetings are designed to build relationships with all participants quickly and meaningfully. The interactive technology platform expands cohort communication in between the live sessions, so participants can seek support, provide assistance and nurture connections that can last a lifetime.

Once the cohort members are selected, each participant has an introductory conversation with the Cohort Facilitator. We learn about participants’ strengths and learning style enabling us to match each each participant with an appropriate coach. All executive coaches are highly skilled at adapting their coaching style to enhance the coaching experience for their specific participants.

Yes. Each participant will build a partnership with their coach throughout the entire program. Executive coaches gets to know the participants they are coaching, and their goals and strengths, so that the coach can challenge and support participants in accomplishing what they want during the entire year.

As with any executive coaching, the participant determines the focus (or agenda) of the coaching process. The Work. Life. Leader. curriculum encompasses more than 50 competencies that we believe may be relevant. Approximately fifteen of these competencies will be addressed through the training sessions. Through an assessment process, participants will determine what other competencies are important and relevant. Participants bring real-time professional, personal and leadership challenges, concerns and issues to each coaching session.

There will be four in-person meetings of the entire cohort. Content of these meetings include:

  • Group forming, developing and closing activities
  • Training content on topics including Executive Presence, Leadership Style Adaptation, Personal Branding, Credibility as a Leader, Career Management. [See Curriculum for full details.]
  • Group Coaching Sessions
  • Lunch with cohort for further networking and connection

The eight remaining months will include virtual cohort meetings via an interactive web technology. Content of these meetings include:

  • Training content on topics including Difficult Conversations, Feedback, Leader as Coach, Mindfulness, Delegation, Boundaries. [See Curriculum for full details.]
  • Group Coaching Sessions

Participants meet with their Executive Coach for one hour each month, stay in touch with their cohort via the interactive technology platform, complete fieldwork from training sessions, experiment with new behaviors learned from training and coaching, and prepare for the next month’s meeting. And, of course, participants will be enhancing their overall satisfaction, expanding their leadership impact and feeling more competent and confident in their work.

All group cohort meetings, in-person and virtual, are scheduled well in advance. To get the most out of this program, each participant is needed and expected to be present for all group meetings. Virtual meetings will be recorded for all participants to review as additional learning can be garnered by reviewing the group coaching process. Missed cohort meetings cannot be made up.

Executive Coaching sessions are scheduled between participant and Executive Coach. At least 24 hours is required to reschedule. Details of all program expectations will be shared with participants.

Program Options

These Work. Life. Leader. program options provide a high-potential talent development solution for organizations.

Bring In-house

Leadership Development in Your Offices

Your Company

Ready to bring Work. Life. Leader. to your talent?. Our program is available to organizations that want to provide this holistic, comprehensive leadership development program in-house to a cohort of high-potential talent.

Send A Leader

Global Cohort for Leaders throughout the US

Global Cohort

Ready to send your talent to Work. Life. Leader.? Our next global cohort launches in April 2018. Quarterly in-person meetings in Philadelphia with convenient access to Amtrak and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Application deadline: January 12, 2018