The story behind Work. Life. Leader.

It started with a phone call. A Wharton MBA graduate and former client called looking for something in addition to coaching.

With more than 10 years of experience in his field (five of them post-MBA), growing professional and leadership responsibilities, and a full personal life, something was missing. Gone were the feedback, advice and networking he’d enjoyed and accessed so easily from his highly talented peers in graduate school. He missed the constant learning and skill development, and space for self-assessment, reflection, strategic thinking and future planning. He wanted to continue to grow, but didn’t have the necessary peer group or educational opportunities.

I wondered: did something exist that could meet his professional, personal and leadership needs? Having worked extensively with this population, I had never heard of such a program. I began to research, and found that for his demographic—highly talented, high-achieving 30-something professionals, working in demanding and prestigious organizations, who also wanted life outside work—there was nothing.

There were offerings for business owners, young chief executives, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and high-school students, but not for these emerging leaders. A spark was ignited to fill a need where I found a vacuum.

Work. Life. Leader. Manifesto

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