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A 12-month transformational program for a new generation of leaders who want to excel professionally, impact their world and live life on their terms.

Not Your Parents' Leadership Program

Work. Life. Leader. provides emerging and developing leaders with: support managing their career and enhancing success and effectiveness at work; space to figure out what is really important and increase satisfaction with life; and guidance to expand professional influence and leadership capabilities.


WHAT Work. Life. Leader. is a unique, professional program that provides emerging and developing leaders with individualized executive coaching, collaborative group coaching, and focused training on topics relevant to career, personal and leadership growth. During this yearlong program, leaders will gain skills and knowledge, increase competence and confidence, enhance impact, expand networks and achieve greater professional and personal satisfaction.


HOW Your company/organization selects 12 – 15 emerging and/or developing leaders to participate in a Work. Life. Leader. cohort which meets monthly—once per quarter in person at your location and twice each quarter via webinar. Each meeting focuses on a significant topic, with interactive training by a Subject Matter Expert and group coaching to address real-time challenges. Each leader works with their personal Executive Coach throughout the year to apply what they learn to real life and work situations, to develop individualized solutions to their challenges, and design long-term strategies for success.


WHY Work. Life. Leader. founder and CEO Julie Cohen’s clients were not getting the training, mentoring, support or peer interaction they needed or wanted. These highly talented, high-achieving, 30-something new and developing leaders have different expectations, preferences and learning styles than their predecessors. (In other words, the people who will shape organizations over the next 5 to 15 years had needs that were not being met.) Work. Life. Leader. was created in response. See Manifesto for more.



Yes it is, if you want:

  • Increased engagement of your top talent by investing in a unique, holistic and comprehensive professional and leadership development program.
  • Enchanced competencies, and expanded leadership capabilities and impact through training, skillbuilding, executive coaching and interaction with a cohort of other leaders.
  • Stronger employee retention and commitment due to extensive learning, development and investment based on individual goals, priorities and needs.
  • More satisfied, effective and loyal employees and leaders.


Yes it is, if they want:

  • Consistent, individualized support for greater impact and satisfaction in their career, life and leadership roles.
  • Focused learning on relevant topics to immediately apply in their real world.
  • A robust network of highly talented professionals in their company/organization.
  • A creative and collaborative space to solve problems, learn from others and plan for what’s next.
  • Time to pause and assess what is important in life and work, and determine what change is needed.


Founder and CEO Julie Cohen, PCC, and a select team of Executive Coaches and Subject Matter Experts support and train each Work. Life. Leader. participant.

Julie Cohen

Julie Cohen, PCC, MS

Joe Baker

Joe Baker, PCC, MA

Bobbi Block

Bobbi Block, MA

Marvin Chambers

Marvin Chambers, MBA

Shelley Churchill, MBA

Shelley Churchill, MBA

J. J. Cutler, MBA

J. J. Cutler, MBA

Brian Fishbone

Brian Fishbone, MBA

Rick Gardner

Rick Gardner, ACC

Dawn Graham

Dawn Graham, PhD

Lisa Kramer

Lisa Kramer, PCC, MSW

Helen Morris

Helen Morris, SPHR

Julie Perkins

Julie Perkins, ACC

Cheryl Rice

Cheryl Rice, PCC, MS

Steve Schack, MBA

Steve Schack, MBA

Daisy Swan

Daisy Swan, CPCC, MA

Current clients include:

Our clients who are providing Work. Life. Leader. to their emerging and developing leaders:

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